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hi speech bubbleI am just a girl who loves shopping and giving gifts! I’ve always thought of myself as a great gift-giver… Its a gift really! haha

Some times people can get a lot of anxiety related to giving gifts and so this is why this blog was born… in addition to highlighting some great and unique gift options from my custom necklace shop, Amazon and from other great retailers across the web, even DIY so follow me on Pinterest too.

There is some cool stuff out there, so don’t feel limited to Walmart and Target! Try some new shops and even buy locally. Small businesses online and brick-n-mortar will be highly appreciate of your patronage!

This site is new and is being updated my lowly ole’ me- so be patient and new and cool stuff will be reviewed here asap.

But I want this to be a conversation. I plan to share tips and advice not just products. I want to share stories and events and projects- and I want your feedback! I want your comments! i want your shares- and I plan to earn them!

I hope we can be friends and make this your premier go-to place for gift giving advice!

You can be anywhere on the web, but i hope you choose here!

Thanks for visiting… Come again!


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