Colorful Infant Tie-Dyed Onsies

tie-dye-minionDress your little one in super bold style! A custom tie-dyed Onesie is the perfect way to keep your baby looking cool while looking fashionable. There comes in solid colors and in cool rainbow prints. Appropriate for both girls and boys.

This is a very cool technique that you can even do at home but if you’re not a DIYers… consider these options for purchase. get all the colors. You won’t be disappointed.

If you would like easy DIY instructions, click here or click the photos below for more info.

bewild-tiedye-onesie-blue bewild-tiedye-onesie-bright-spiral bewild-tiedye-onesie-kalediskope bewild-tiedye-onesie-lime bewild-tiedye-onesie-orange bewild-tiedye-onesie-pink bewild-tiedye-onesie-purple bewild-tiedye-onesie-rainbow











































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