5 Factors- Choose The Perfect Cheap Gift


gift-box-easyIt is best to give than to get, so the saying should go, but what if you are low on cash and supplying a present is a must? You will want a bailout idea as an inexpensive but excellent gift idea. Sometimes discovering good, cheap exclusive gift ideas is easy, frequently it’s not without some struggle but it is essential that when buying a gift, you buy not based exclusively on your own opinion; you should seek a second or maybe a third opinion.

  • you can consult several friends
  • read magazines and online reviews
  • snoop around to find out some personal detail about the recipient
  • ask close friends and family members of the recipient, if possible for suggestions

This is a good practice mainly because it throws more details into what is a far better buy than trying to think of something on your own. This is true because, simply everybody will want your current gift to be valued, even if it’s not expensive.

So how do you get that present that will be highly appreciated by your recipient? Firstly you need to know that buying an excellent present is absolutely doable. Think of these five factors: Gender, Age, Personality/Interests, The Occasion and The Season of the Celebration. Gender, personality/interest and the occasion are the more critical factors to consider when trying to come up with unique gift ideas.



Gender is important mainly because men and women are basically different. They are diverse in tastes, loves, dislikes, passions, hobbies and interests and so on although you must put at the back of your brain areas where both sexes merge with a common interest though. It is rather obvious that you can get a couple of hand-signed or autographed basketballs as a gift for men and he will like the idea very much while it is not going for a woman to appreciate the same thing (unless she is an avid basketball fan). A woman is going to appreciate different items like a new hair accessory, fashion  jewelry or scented candles for home decor better than if a gentleman were to be given the identical or similar items. However, investing in a digital camera, office supplies, fragrance/perfume is not out of place for both sexes.



The personality/interests of the individual is another important factor to consider when buying a gift, no matter the occasion. You want to consider what are the individual tastes are, his/her way of life. This includes:

  • their profession
  • their beliefs
  • outgoing vs reserved
  • what they do in their free time.

Every one of these can help you come up with a very good yet cheap and unique gift without making yourself crazy in the process. For example: a man who takes pleasure in undertaking home repairs is not the same as a man who uses his leisure time outdoors engaging in one sports activity or the other. The first male will enjoy a tool gift just like a power cord drill, the hammer, while the second may appreciate things like a related item; electronic golf rangefinder or any other sporting reward.



Of course, buying for a grandma/grandfather is not the same as buying for the younger person. With regard to grannies be sure to lay your hands on novelty/nostalgia items, collectibles. Never get anything also automated or challenging to use for seniors (unless they are tech savvy). But if you happen to be buying for a child or a younger person, and then go ahead, be aggressive and get the coolest, latest gadget. Kids especially adore it as it arouses their particular curiosity, which is their nature. Kids’ hand held games are a great idea and inexpensive too.


The Occasion and The Season

Variables like occasions and seasons are a good guide in deciding the appropriate-ness of a gift. Think about it. A 9 year old boy, birthday, and he is a bit of a daredevil… how about a souped up, graffiti-styled skateboard. Great gift, right? Well its winter time, in Wisconsin or Chicago… who wants to wait  months to use a great gift, especially young kids (they have no delayed gratification receptor). It is therefore not really appropriate in that season as he can barely enjoy his present during  this time of the year. It may be better to get something he will appreciate right away like something connected to a different interest like a remote controlled plaything. Radio-shack carries the coolest ones! I hope I was able to explain the importance of giving thought to the season prior to buying a gift.

Giving gifts are great but can sometimes be tough but once you’ve considered the above factors, coming up with a cheap and also unique gift idea will be as simple as 1-2-3.

Happy Shopping!

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