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Giving gifts at the workplace can be a little confusing. There are levels of social etiquette and rules that must be taken into account whenever you decide to give a boss, co-worker, customer or client a gift. On many occasions, it can be as simple as a secret Santa or retirement gift and for others it can be more murky like a thank you gift for a business deal gone well, employee appreciation gift or a gift for the boss.

If you’re not sure what to get your co-workers, clients, customers or boss this year, don’t worry. I have put together a list of easy, unique and totally work-appropriate gifts that your everyone on your list will love. I made it simple and easy.

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The idea is to balance the thin line between too personal and too generic.

There are some guidelines to follow when it comes to office gift-giving.

  • Be aware of religious affiliation. The workplace can be a minefield so stick to seasonal or un-holiday related gifts as opposed to accidentally offending or excluding someone.
  • Be personal if possible. Try to learn a little something about the receiver before buying the gift. Gifts with a personal touch seem to be more memorable but if you give a gift that the person won’t use, then its memorable for all the wrong reasons.

(For instance, I am not a person who enjoys lots of sweets (chocolate included, sorry y’all) so candy, chocolates, hot chocolate does nothing for me and I usually end up re-gifting it. The co-workers that I’m close to knows that about me. I prefer salty, crunchy snacks. Expensive chocolates would probably be a bad gift choice for me.)

  • Presents at work should stay lighthearted and whimsical. Don’t cross the inappropriate employee handbook sexual harassment rules and don’t be awkward. Expensive jewelry, lingerie, designer handbags, expensive electronics… doesn’t come off as generous, just makes you look creepy and makes the receiver feel awkward.

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Unique Gifts for Co-workers:

Why not get your colleague something they can use at work since that’s where you see them most and know them the best. Places like ThinkGeek and the MoMAStore or even Amazon offer lots of creative and innovative ideas for office gadgets. Even Etsy has unique personalized items that won’t clean out your wallet.

Other ideas include:
— creative gift baskets
— edibles
— stress relief gift ideas

Sadly, You can’t pick your coworkers (bosses, clients, customers or vendors), but sometimes you get lucky and there are some you actually want to be friends with. These gifts for the workplace can allow you to show your fondness, friendliness and personality… and can even lead to a cool new friend.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks For Office-Related Gifts.
⇓ Click on the link below to see.

→ Top pick for office-related gifts

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