Best of Edibles- Top Gift Pick

3 pack Edible Chemistry Activity Kit for Families

This one is solely for the kids (or the big kids at heart). Introducing edible chemistry kit! Amazon has a 3 pack where you can make your own candy, chocolate and bubble gum.

Not only does your kids get a learning activity but hey also get the end products and its edible. they can have some time away from the TV, video games and iPad and if you do it together… some sweet, sweet bonding time.

The reviews are mixed and so you should read them… however i think some of the bad reviews has to do with the high expectations (you may need food ingredients from the store) or from instructions not being followed to the tee.. so adult supervision (and patience) is probably a must! Quality of the product is probably not gourmet status but having not done them… I don’t know. Buy at your own risk but I think its a cute idea and cute project and make for a good time of summer fun.