Best of Gift Pick – Gift Baskets

Gift baskets as gifts have been given a bad rap lately due to the increased amount of generic, low quality, non-impressive ones that are available for purchase. I think giving a gift basket can be a great gift if done right. I give gift baskets all the time.

Whats great is some gift can be felt as multiple gifts for the receiver and its even better if the gift baskets item included aren’t super expensive. Its like you get credit for multiple gifts even though it really is just one. As with all recommendations… gifts should be tailored to the person always. Think about the person’s likes and their interests. That will point you in the direct directiMighty Leaf Tea Green and White Collectionon every time.

For me, I am getting to be more health conscience and trying to lower my coffee intake. I am also a practicing Buddhist and I was telling her that as part of my morning meditation I like to do a tea ceremony. So my friend hearing this bought me a beautiful ceramic tea set, just gorgeous and a supply of gourmet teas. I loved the gift. One of my favorites actually. Wasn’t very expensive but very thoughtful and personal and that’s what makes a great gift.

I enjoy teas from Mighty Leaf Tea. They have a great selection of gourmet teas, flavors and price points. If you want to give a tea set, check out their great selection also. They also have a artisan section of handmade products and beautiful tea pot there for sale.



I’m not a big candy consumer but I am nostalgic like everyone else so who doesn’t like to get a piece of candy from their childhood. memories flood back from when you were a child about when life was easy and care-free. Some of these candies you just can’t find at a regular store but Old Time Candy can hook you up.

They have a really cool gift box sorted by decade. You can give your grandparents candy from when they were a child. How cool is that? You can also relieve your favorite decade or share these treats with your kids (or grandkids)who may have never tasted it before. This gift will get everyone sitting around and reminiscing about days past and the good ole times. This is one of my favorite gift ideas and an easy go-to for many occasions. Check them out!