Best of One-Of-A-Kind Top Gift Pick

As a teenager, I always wanted a name plate necklace but my mom forbid us to have them because she was afraid of strangers. Go figure! Now that I am an adult, I still want one… even after all these years. What’s cool today is there are so many options on style, fonts, materials… and uniqueness.

I’m sharing with you one of the most unique name necklaces I’ve seen in a long time. I’m sharing 2 actually. 1. Is a double-layer mini name necklace and 2. Is a couples name necklace. Not just for romantic couples… this could work for bff’s, sisters especially twins.

The mini name necklace can have up to 4 names, which is so cool and the way its layered is very stylish and interesting. Now, for a couple of honorable mentions is the name anklet and the side layered name necklace, which is gorgeous. Be sure to click the link to see them too. I’m a single parent with only one child and so I’m going to order the couple name necklace with me and my son’s name on it. I’m moving to East Asia and this would be a great keepsake for me. My sister has 3 children and I’m considering getting her the 4 mini name necklace with her name and my nieces and nephew names. I think she’s gonna flip over it. Still looking but so far I haven’t seen a better choice for her.



When I talk about keepsakes… My photo dome necklace is also a piece of art. They can be personalized with almost any image. They are a beautiful affordable costume jewelry choice for all ages; pre-teens, teens and woman (men too) of all ages.

I have a photo gallery of the images I use but most people who order a necklace will use their own image making it really a one-of-a -kind gift. Family photos, children art, favorite album or historical art, quote or bible verse. Just about any image can be used. I can also make the image b&w or add a message like initials, dates or names. The area is small so space is limited.

I make the image and send to you for proofing and approval. Once approved, I can make the necklace in 3 days and its on to you. They are silver-toned. I have 4 styles: heart, circle, square and antique. Your choice. they come with a matching ball chain and a black rope chain. I also have circle rings. They make great gifts and lovely necklaces for yourself too.