Who doesn’t love their birthday? Only Weirdos don’t. But for the rest of us sane individuals, birthdays are amazing. Whats not to like? Cake, balloons, friends, parties, and gifts. That’s right people: G-I-F-T-S!

For those of you who are gift giving challenged… I am here to help. You will find the latest and greatest in gift ideas and I share them with you so you can be the hero of someones birthday!

Tired of giving the same old birthday boring, predictable presents?

Looking for something a lot more interesting, cool or unique?

Are you interested in quirky and unusual birthday gifts?

I will be showcasing them all; from the wildly original to the just plain weird, super thoughtful and highly personalized- I’m sure I can help you find the best birthday present for your loved one.

Here at Great-Gift-Guide, I seek out the totally cool, one-of-a-kind, strangely weird but also wonderful and most of all fun gifts for the entire family.

Cool Birthday Presents fall into a catch-all category:

  • personalized presents
  • cool gifts for kids such as baby dolls, toys, and games
  • t-shirts made special by personalization
  • birthday gifts for mom, dad, and other adults,
  • personalized sports gifts, kitchenware, barware and grilling tools
  • colorful jewelry and H-O-T accessories
  • boy or girl geeks and freaks
  • retro old school gadgets
  • official memorabilia from movies and sports
  • artists and art lovers
  • keepsakes and customized gifts
  • or unforgettable birthday experiences:
    • skydiving, race car driving, wine tours, spa pampering or flying lessons

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⇒⇒⇒ Casual Male (custom poses. hair, skin tone, clothes) professions also available
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Unique Birthday Gifts

We all have that one person be it a friend, family member or co-worker with a birthday coming up but have absolutely no idea what to get them for a present? Never fear, Great-Gift-Guide is dedicated to sharing the coolest and most unique birthday gift ideas you’ve ever seen.

No more average, run-of-the-mill birthday presents- instead get a gift with the WOW factor, that is sure to impress; items with personality and originality that will be genuinely treasured by whomever you give it too.

Putting a little effort and thought into your gift doesn’t have to be hard. I make it easy! I make sure to take people’s budget into account. But never forget the personality of the person who will receive the gift. My goal is to make gift shopping a fun experience!

I will showcase unique gifts that are perfect for all ages. Age, budget, hobby, interest… no problem!

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for Birthdays.
⇓ Click on the link below to see

Below will be my top picks for this category but the site is chock full of info so peruse and use. You can find many other posts for tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice updated regularly for your convenience.

→ Top Gift Pick for Birthdays

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