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How to Get Kids Excited about Books!

5I think there are countless articles over the internet which will tell you about numerous ways that you can get kids excited about book reading; kids who would rather do chores than go within two meter radius of a book. So, I’m not going to repeat the same things over and over but in different words. I do have a list of 10 ways at the end of the article if you’re want to know what I think works best. read more

Funky Gifts For Your Favorite Friends

Hoot at society6 well artUnique Gifts for Friends.

Let me guess… You’re looking for unique gift ideas for a friend who is a little special. You have a friend who’s a little funky, odd and enjoys the all weirdness life brings. And that’s why you love her (or him)! However, it does make buying them gifts a bit tough. They have style, They have flair… but shopping at the local mall is out of the question. Too mainstream for them! You need out of the box thinking! read more