Funky Gifts For Your Favorite Friends

Hoot at society6 well artUnique Gifts for Friends.

Let me guess… You’re looking for unique gift ideas for a friend who is a little special. You have a friend who’s a little funky, odd and enjoys the all weirdness life brings. And that’s why you love her (or him)! However, it does make buying them gifts a bit tough. They have style, They have flair… but shopping at the local mall is out of the question. Too mainstream for them! You need out of the box thinking!

I have the answer you’ve been looking for! Who doesn’t love really cool art- art with a vibe? One-of-a-kind pieces full of color, emotion and expression. Just like your friend. Think about…. what is she obsessed with? What does he really did? Cute panda bears, unicycles or black & white abstracts?

Society6 is your one stop shop! I swear! They have everything weird, odd, eclectic and stylish. Don’t wait. The prices rock and they’re sure to love the new gift. All prints can be made into a whole slew of stuff from shower curtains, phone cases, pillows, t-shirts, wall clocks, rugs and more! Here’s a small sampling! Be sure to check them out!

#1Wandering Elephant by Waelad Akadan
Wandering Elephant by Waelad Akadan

#2Dream Theory by Archan Nair
Dream Theory by Archan Nair

#3Octopus by Seaside Spirit
Octopus by Seaside Spirit

#4All you need is love by Balazs Solti
All you need is love by Balazs Solti

#5SKULL 2 by Ali GULEC

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