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for-kitchen-someone-elseI love the kitchen even though I don’t like to cook. Eating and sharing a good meal with family/loved ones is one of my favorite pastimes.

Many of us are not satisfied with our kitchen, our appliances, our utensils or our skills… well that can be remedied. I plan to share with you some of the coolest and most ingenious items on the market that you can use for yourself or to share with another… better yet, buy two- One for them and one for you.

Kool Kitchens
Some kitchen gadgets remain state-of-the-art staples where improvement isn’t necessary while others are continually being updated.

I’ve complied a list of both… including the best budget-friendly cooking tools available on the market. If you or your loved ones don’t already have these kitchen essentials, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!

As someone who has gotten into eating healthier, cooking healthy meals, cooking unfamiliar foods is so much easier with the right tools. I use my food processor, my immersion blender, my food scale, my steam basket, my mandolin slicer all the time… It’s made it a hundred times easier and a lot more fun in the kitchen.

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Some themes for kitchen gifts include:

  • Kitchen Gifts to Give Your Favorite Foodie
    For the avid (or amateur) home cook, these are the gifts that keep on giving.
  • Great Holiday Gifts for the Kitchen
    Please the happy host or hostesses in your life this holiday with these top picks

My kitchen gift suggestions are all about putting fun back in the kitchen.

Over the last few years, we have seen some real innovation in kitchen gadgets designed to make our lives easier, or bring items that were once only available to 5 star chefs are now available to the mass market and even revamped designs of kitchen staples. Its crazy! It’s not just about doing new things in the kitchen; it’s about reinventing the way you do old things as well.

You won’t even believe that some of these items exist. Many being affordable, super cute and useful. You’ll be buying them for yourself as well.

Gadgets range from the low-tech to the futuristic, while others aren’t even available yet (see GoFundMe), they seem so cool that it would be a mistake not to include them especially if you want to suuport the inventors quest to bring their idea to market.

My goal is to highlights the coolest kitchen gadgets around, from low tech, low budget, super helpful to expert-level, wishlist, only in my dream, gotta have items.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for The Kitchen
⇓ Click on the link below to see.

→ My 3 Top Picks

Click to see the best in thank you gift baskets on my Pinterest board.  Gift baskets have gotten a lot better and a lot cooler, they come in a range of interests and price points- best available on my Pinterest board.

Are you ready for Christmas?  It’s just around the corner and so I’ve been preparing a special Christmas Ideas Pinterest Board for the best gifts for 2016. I’ve been updated it all year and will continue to do so, so by Christmas it’ll be your go-to guide of the best finds of the season. I’m also working on a Holiday Gift Guide. More details to come later on that.

I wrote a guide on the “Best gifts for”… Important Events like Dating! This page is all about the giving gifts during every stage of dating. Here you will find the best gifts to give or best products to buy for your bae.

My goal with the Great-Gift-Guide’s is to help you shop smart for everyone on your list. Each week, I will adding new items to my top pics or very specific advice answering all your questions- so be sure to check back often and read my blog posts for tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice.


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