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gift-baskets-oprahWhy give gift baskets as gifts?

People either love gift baskets or hate them. Which camp are you? The problem with gift baskets are the generic ones you get for a secret Santa or door prize… they are usually just OK.

But what of I told you gift baskets can be amazing? With a little personalization and forethought, gift baskets can wow any recipient. Let me show you how with options and ideas I share here on my site.

Gift baskets have become a fun and customizable alternative to flowers. Who can wouldn’t love a lavish basket full of gourmet goodies? However, giving a sad, generic, boring gift basket will give the opposite impression to the receiver.

A smart gift basket

I’ve always been a fan of gift baskets in the past, my only point of contention are those sad, generic, cheap gift baskets/pack that you can pick up at your local discount superstore. They are a “lousy” gift basket choice. You can do so much better and you don’t have to break the bank!

Be different, choose (or make) a well thought out gift basket filled with relevant, customized products. Think about the person (or people) who are receiving the basket–what would they love, what do you talk/joke about, is it for business, celebrating a milestone, thank you/apology–consider all of this and fill the basket with relevant gifts that will put a smile on their face.

One great idea is to have a theme created around your recipient’s interests. So, find out what they like and then buy the basket around that theme.

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For More Info:
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⇒⇒⇒ They are NOT just for Christmas! Various decorations available.
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⇒⇒⇒ Right on time for Fall
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Click here for: Info on the Wine and goodies gift baskets and others
Click here for: Info on the Thank YOU! Old Time Candy box

 Here are some of my favorite reasons why I love giving gift baskets:

  •  Can be personalized for everyone and every occasion
  • Can be customized and bought easily with minimal time and effort
  • A big time saver
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges, making them ideal for every budget
  • Giving multiple gifts at once, so they’re seen as highly valuable
  • Can be unique and personal

My Top Picks are below on this page but be sure to search my site for more tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice all over the site which I try to update regularly for your convenience

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