Gifts For Teens

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Teens

Having trouble gift shopping for your favorite teenager? Need some tips and/or advice? Does it seem easier to just give them cash (or a gift card) and be done with it?

We’ve all been there but in my experience… they say they want cash but they never end up actually buying anything significant.

They waste it on crap (snacks and phone downloads)- so my only goal here is to help you have a better, more fun shopping experience- you may even find yourself starting to shop more smartly and actually giving better gifts to your picky teen.

Buying a gift for a teenage guy or teenage girl can be stressful. These young adults usually have very specific tastes; they like what they like and that’s it (sometimes)  🙂

One way to go is to choose a unique, personalized gift that matches their style or hobbies- that’s sure to hit the mark. Unless you’re really in touch with your teens persona, you may end up getting a dud instead of the perfect gift.

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This is where friends come in handy. Teens today are very social and they share a lot over social media so tap into this resource. What are they posting about? What are they “liking”? Who do they follow?

It’s easier to make a decision on something when you have first-hand access to their opinions Aha. You can always ask their “real live” friends for gift ideas too.

Secondly, think about what they may specifically need not just want. This will prevent you from overspending if money is a concern. And lastly don’t buy something if you’re not totally sure about it.

Make sure to read or research reviews. You don’t have to like it, but they have to love it so….. if you’re on the fence- keep a running list and ask their friend(s) what they think or (always remember) check out their social media.

Shop Gift / Helpful Tips:

  • Trends are okay, but I prefer unique gifts so if you can marry a trend (especially a celebrity trend) with some unique flavor- that’s the winning combo.
  • Vintage is in but only try this if you are 110% sure your teen is into this especially if you can find “brands” or a style era they are obsessed with. This could very well get you a home run so thrift stores and eBay are your best bets.
  • Cool factor, tech gadgets and upgrades seem to be a no-brainer for this tech savvy generation-this gift idea will up your cool factor- so try this but don’t skimp out on price. Chinese knock-offs is a no-no.
  • Only you know your teen but unique, handmade, monogrammed, personalized gifts can be a great choice especially jewelry or for the super-creative types.

The Best Gifts For Teens

Gifts for teens should always reflect the desires and personality of the teen; the gift-getter and that ranges from girly girl or masculine dude and everything in between: teens who love sports, art, music, their phones, cameras, video, crafts, anime, pranks, movies, fashion, food, reading, beauty, travel, etc…. the list goes on and on.

So the best gift idea for teens will always be reflective of their unique style and personality. Happy Shopping!

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