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Give the Gift of Romance

Romantic Gift Ideas

Raise your hand if you’re romantic.

Well, gift-giving can be stressful, especially when it comes to that special someone in the romance department. In relationships, we tend to get bogged down with day-to-day responsibilities, busy work schedules, outside obligations- and that can leave little time or energy for your partner.

Buying a great gift can sometimes be a path to

re-igniting that burning passion you both share.

What can be worse than giving a generic gift and seeing a look disappointment on your lover’s face. Don’t worry – Great-Gift-Guide will help you choose the perfect present to ignite the flames of love once again.

Romance doesn’t just fade out of nowhere… it does need to be cultivated. Romance is NOT dead and let me prove it to you! Relationships should be fun and joyful…. not a drudgery to the day we all turn to dust. Sparks alive and it is yours for the taking!

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A sparkly piece of jewelry or a designer handbag are both lovely gifts… but if you really want to romance a lady, (in my experience) the most romantic thing you could get her is something personal — something thoughtful and unique- not necessarily expensive. The sweetest things don’t always cost the most.

Studies have revealed that the most romantic gifts ever received from their significant others, turned out to be gifts that showed their partners were really paying attention. What does that mean to you??? GET PERSONAL!

Listen. Pay attention. Be mindful. Dig deep. Be creative. No pressure right? haha Let me give you an idea of what I mean…

  1. Does she complain about not spending enough time together?
  2. Does he have a favorite activity he’s been neglecting lately?
  3. Has the sex slowed down considerably?
  4. Has your partner picked up a new hobby?

Lastly, the expectations can be high even when your funds are low. Bummer. If your cash flow limits the amount you can spend on a gift, then pricey jewelry and other lavish presents are out of the question. But romance isn’t contingent on spending a ton. Easier than spending a lot of money is to participate in activities both of you enjoy.

Remember, it’s ALWAYS the thought that counts!

(operative word being THOUGHT)

If you put your mind to it and take the time to plan… giving a memorable, romantic, significant, passionate gift can be done on any tight budget. I don’t mean you have to go the DIY route (although if you’re good at it, why not?) but there are a number of gift ideas that can be created by just about anyone to make a great experience. For example:

  • Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a scavenger hunt
  • Shop Etsy for cheap personalized gifts or SHOP HERE for an inexpensive yet beautiful personalized photo necklace
  • Netflix & chill (her favorite romantic comedy, her favorite snack of choice, a bottle of wine, and no complaining!)

I will share more tips on bringing (and keeping) the romance alive in your relationship and true stories of gift-giving gone right (and wrong) to help stimulate your thoughts and ideas. Check out my top tips below but also read my other posts for ideas, suggestions, advice and reviews to help you with choosing a gift for every occasion.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks For Busy Couples
⇓ Click on the link below to see.

→ Top Pick for busy couple needing a surprise romantic evening

Click to see best gifts for couples that you can buy today, I put some of the best pics on my Pinterest board and in a range of price points from free to wow.

I also have a very special Christmas Ideas Pinterest Board for the most unique gifts for 2016 Holiday season. Updated it all year  so by Christmas it will showcase the best of the best. I will also be releasing a Great-Gift-Guide Holiday Guide. I will share more details on that later.

Be sure to check out the “Best gifts for”… All Things Decor! I got an easy way for you to know what’s HOT and what’s NOT? I go room-by-room sharing what’s the best gifts to give or best products to buy for others or yourself.

My goal is to help you shop smart for everyone in your life. Every week, I will add new items to my top pics or very specific advice to all your gift-giving questions- so be sure to check out the blog for my other posts, tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice.


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