grad-career-fairSo your loved one is graduating. That is an exciting time in their life. Help them celebrate with a gift that represents how proud of them you are or that will be helpful for years to come.

Giving great gifts is my specialty and graduations are one of my favorite things to celebrate! I’ve searched for the best and I share them with you here.

Some times it can feel graduation ceremonies sneak up on you. So once that time of year rolls around, you may be looking for the perfect gift for a new college / high school grad.

Money is an obvious option and your new grad may be advocating for that but an actual present could provide something more meaningful, be more useful and more appreciated as time passes.

Some graduation gifts are creative while others are funny, things former students Actually Want To Receive while others fall along the lines of things you need to kick-start the rest of your life.

I think experiences are the best gifts so if you can afford to help fund a back-packing trip or a gap year, volunteering trip- by all means, do that! I however would shy away from lavish gifts or expensive vacations unless that’s your or their thing. We are a consumer economy.

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However, many graduates will find themselves in debt right away, most eager or necessary to enter workforce immediately after graduating so the right gift could be more practical or something that would ease the transition from student to employee. make them feel like a adult.

You can also share your best wishes with something more touching and emotional; keepsakes are great for expressing love and pride in their accomplishment as they enter this next phase of their life. That could be anything from:

  • Inspirational wall art
  • Cool desk accessories
  • New travel bags or luggage

My goal here at Great-Gift-Guide is to help you find a present best suited for your new grad.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for New Graduates.
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My Top Picks are below for easy viewing but I also have lots of tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice all over the site which I try to update regularly for your convenience.

→ Top Gift Pick for New Graduates

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