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handmade-pinterestDIY gifts can be a great choice if you are handy and craftsy. Kids get a pass of course but adults… not so much.

Handy and Crafty people have an edge. They can make DIY look effortless while the rest of us unhandy and uncraftsy people look on with envy!

I have my fair share of Pinterest fails so attempt at your own risk. 🙂

I will share how to DIY projects and gifts ideas for the handy or craftsy person in your life; so everyone is covered!

I love the DIY resurgence even if I’m not the best at it so if you’re like me be sure to check out the slideshow below..

The Great Gift Guide also has lots of good tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice all over the site. My goal is to update it regularly so check back often.


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