housewarming-what-did-you-bring-meGifts for a new home

One of your closest friends just bought a new home and its exciting! You’re happy for them. They are planning a housewarming and now you wonder… what’s a great gift?

Many people may register for a gift registry but if you want to give something more personal or interesting, be sure to check us out. I will share cool gifts from around the internet that will make your gift standout from all the rest!

Share the excitement of a new home or first apartment with a great housewarming gift. Whether you are buying for a couple or a young adult just starting out, you can find great housewarming gift ideas for any budget or any desire.

Housewarming Present

Have you been invited to a few housewarming parties as well and are at a loss for what to give or bring to celebrate the occasion? Think of a housewarming present as a similar but lesser wedding present — meaning, you’re giving something useful for your friend, but don’t feel obligated to spend big bucks.

Choosing what to buy can be challenging, I admit. Probably because you’re not sure about their decor style so homewares and art are out of the questions, but you do want to add something special — no matter how minor — as a welcome addition to their new home. I got many ideas on how you can do just that!

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I’ve tracked down many thoughtful housewarming gift, everything from practical to unique, I’ll even showcase some DIY projects for you handy people out there.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for Housewarmings.
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My Top Picks are below for easy viewing but I will also share tons of tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice all over the site so be sure to check back often to see my new additions!

→ Top Gift Pick for Housewarming Invites

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I have another board for Christmas Ideas. This Pinterest Board is especially for the 2016 Holiday season. It will showcase the best gifts ideas for Xmas and I have been working on curating it all year. I will also be releasing a Great-Gift-Guide Holiday Guide. I will share more details about that later.

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