All About Electric Bikes

If you haven’t jumped on the electric bike craze, here’s your chance! So, what’s an electric bike? Basically, an electric bikes allows you the functionality of a regular bike with the aided functions of an integrated motor  for propulsion making it easier to ride. Electric bikes are great for urban areas, commuter campuses and for bicycle lovers alike especially those who have trouble pedaling due to age or ability. It allows you to continue to take leisurely and robust bike rides without the stress and strain of manual pedaling.

They are gaining popularity in the United States and have become quite affordable! Electric bikes don’t use gas so they are clean and efficient saving time and money but allows you to get around town faster and with greater ease.

May is National Bike Month, consider buying yourself an electric bike this spring and rediscover the freedom of biking that you enjoyed as a kid. Below are 3 reviews of popular electric bikes. I am certain one will fit your needs and budget. Remember, these bikes can last years and will replace your car for short distances and enjoyable rides.

My Electric Bike Reviews- Just For You!

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=====> Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle
===> Click here to see price for the Watseka Sport Model! (XP Cargo is currently unavailable.)
=====> X-Treme Trail Climber Electric Mountain Bicycle ===>  Click here to see price!
=====> Yukon Trails Outback Mountain  ===>  Click here to see price!

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