Recreate Your Life- Online Course Review

I have enjoyed reading many blogs over the years and one that I keep coming back to and read fairly often is TinyBuddha! This is a site designed for people like to be inspired to be their best selves. Their tag line is “simple wisdom for complex lives”. That fits my current life situation to a tee.

So when I saw they designed an online course based on the core concepts that have helped millions of us Tiny Buddha readers transform their lives, and help empower you to become the person you want to be, regardless of who are you and where you’ve been… I said sign me up!

Are you feeling low on confidence and frustrated with life? Are these thought becoming more frequent, feeling that your life has no purpose? If these two sentences describe exactly what you are going through you will want to read on.

This is not a condemnation of you as a person- many of us have times where he doubt that we are on the right path, afraid to change course and just lack drive or confidence… If this describe you.. this course could be a gwoman-free-sunsetreat place to start to put your life back on track.

This course was created by Lori Deschene and Ehren Prudhel- resident writers of Tiny Buddha. This is a creative and fun filled course that teaches you how to let go of the path, feel freer and happy in the present and create a compelling exciting future. Who doesn’t want that?

Your parents, siblings, and friends, can help you achieve your goals only to a certain extent, but the work is all you. When you really want to go all the way, then you will need to push yourself harder. When you want to transform you life, irrespective of what kind of situation you are in, then you need to know what to do. This course can help you define the right path for you!

Feelings of anger, frustration due to rejection, or obstacles preventing you from achieving what you want, getting discouraged by failures or setback, ashamed of who you are, annoyed with yourself for making poor decisions in life… these are normal and there are ways to get back on track. Today, you can become the hero (in your life) that you need to be.

What is Recreate Your Life course about?

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This four-week self-study course helps you remove those mental blocks and imaginary objects which are not allowing you to grow in life and achieve things. This course is only meant for members and provides them with eight related bonus items from top personal development bloggers, expert advice, ongoing support, and a comprehensive set of workbooks on self-discovery.


Lori Deschene and partner, screenwriter Ehren Prudhel, decided to create Tiny Buddha to help people with self doubt. Some of their course modules contain Learning to empathize with/root for yourself, Taking responsibility for your life, starting to write your new story, and Rewriting the story of your past.

You will also find a workbooks and quizzes for self-discovery and self-reflection, 3 movie case studies, written introduction to the module’s core concepts, a video from Lori Deschene sharing relevant life experience and an expert video interview.

pretty-woman-free-fieldSome of the bonus content include Overcome the fear that keeps you stuck: Take Your Fear and Shove It, by Tess Marshall, How to Be Rich and Happy, by Tim Brownson, Create your ideal life and stay on track with resolutions and intentions: The Manifestation eBook Set, by Jodi Chapman, Quiet the negative self-talk that makes you feel insecure: Quieting the Inner Critic, by Tara Sophia Mohr, and others.

These are the perfect materials which can help you achieve inner peace and attain your goals. A person can only move forward if he/she is at total peace with themselves. Apart from that, communicating with members who have being able to move forward in life using this course can immensely benefit you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Recreate Your Life Story course and want to know to more, you can click here for details. You can find Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

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