Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle Review

bike text image 2When I first learned that hybrid powered electric bikes had been made, were available for purchase and the prices were affordable… needless to say, I was EXCITED!

If you’re like me, I loved riding bikes as a child. It was not only fun but for many, it was our first mode of transportation. It gave us freedom to get around! We could ride for hours. But as we age and start driving, the bike gets lost and so does the memories.

It all started because I bought my son a bike so he could get back and forth from work when he was 15. It would allow him to ride his bike from school to work and home, making the commute easier and faster than walking. I then decided to buy myself a bike too. Great idea. I could ride around my community, the corner store, get some exercise… blah, blah, blah…

Boy was I wrong. It had been a long time since I rode a bike and to say I had NO STAMINA was an underhandle bars for xp cargostatement! I couldn’t ride up the street! Had I known electric bikes were available and growing ever more popular- I could have worked my way in shape, enjoyed my neighborhood and new found hobby at the same time. sadly, I put my bike away, but luckily you don’t have to. The Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bike is just what you’ve been looking for! The Cargo is unavailable at the moment but the SPORT MODEL is. Check out the Watseka Sports Model Electric Bike here. 

Construction & Durability

The frame is made of steel and the many other components are made of aluminum. Its an eco-friendly & superbly crafted electric bicycle that will get you back in the saddle & on the road in comfort & style because it is truly a one-size fits all!

  • telescopic front fork suspensionwatseka xp bike review 1
  • seat springs
  • low step frame design
  • adjustable seat & handlebar height

Since the battery pack is centrally mounted, you get superior balance when riding! Another great feature is the ability to select either motor assist via pedal or twist throttle, making your bike ride effortless when needed- which gives you 3 options in total. Twist throttle & pedal assist with the key on AND with the ignition/key off it functions like a standard pedal bicycle.

  • “Smooth Twist” throttle prevents rider fatigue over time.
  • Comes with 2 ignition keys.
  • The Watseka XP’s battery pack can only be removed with the supplied ignition keys. (added safety)

Battery & Motor Life

bike seat lift upThe Watseka XP Cargo Bike is powered by a 250W brushless rear drive motor with a 36V 9Ah battery pack.

•The Watseka XP’s battery pack can only be removed with the supplied ignition keys.

•Easy tilt seat design for quick battery removal. This is NOT standard  on all electric bikes!

•Battery removal is not required to charge the battery pack. (meaning.. you can just plug in your bike)

•Reaches speeds up to 14 mph & travel distance ranges from 16-18 miles depending on rider weight, terrain & overall electric assist usage.

watseka bike full look with basket

Electrical system will only function with the use of the supplied ignition keys. The Charger is included.

I advise you to consider looking into the options of changing over the battery to lithium to improve weight and length of charge but that should not be a factor in purchasing today. Lithium batteries are significantly more expensive.

Battery life may be 3 years depending on weight and usage. I also advise you to consider purchasing additional batteries to extend the life of your bike. Many reviewers have noted the difficulty in finding replacement batteries 3 or 4 years after purchase. New bikes and battery designs may not be compatible with older models. If you’re going to invest in an electric bike… I want you to get the most out of your purchase!

Design Choices

There aren’t many design choices available with the Cargo XP. The basic design is a step through/low step frameblack watseka electric bike design (non gender specific) electric commuter/cargo bicycle. It comes in Black. There is a sport version.

Very Important Details

Weight:  Total weight of bicycle: 72.5 lbs, shipping weight 90 lbs

Assemply: Some minor assembly required

This has not been considered a problem. Easy instructional videos can be found online.

Updated Owners manual with complete & comprehensive instructions included.

Each Watseka XP comes with a unique serial # stamped onto the frame. Added safety! Make sure to add it to your home owners or renters insurance. Its an expensive piece of equipment.


Always get the additional warranty! It does come with a 90 day warranty

Consider getting extra batteries and/or chargers

Biggest complaint is when battery is no longer available


Seat Height: Lowest 32.5″ Highest 37″.

Rider weight capacity recommendation is 250-300 lb limit. And that includes cargo. This was not a strict number. Riders advise if you are going up hills and rough terrain, weight may be an issue.

Bikes with a larger capacity is available; look for 750 watt rear motor with 48 volt battery if you are significantly over the 300 lb mark or need to carry cargo that would place you significantly over the 300 lb mark. 

Popular Features

51DQvWO0vKLFront basket & rear cargo rack

Front light, rear light, horn, bell, front basket & rear cargo rack included

Battery is locked and can only be removed with ignition key


Does have replacement parts available

bike suspensionReplacement battery case ONLY $28.99

Replacement battery complete pack  is $169

Battery set $125

Extra Charger $28.99

Prices are subject to change! See here for Replacement Parts on the Watseka XP Cargo Bike

Remember to get items like a bike helmet, reflectors, and bike locks.

It comes with a basket and rear cargo rack. You can also buy better ones if these don’t fit your needs.


Variable pedal options

Removable battery

Ignition key locks


No lithium battery option

No color choice

Consumer Ratings

 4 star rating


The XP Cargo Bike I found on Amazon is right in the middle price range. The bikes can rage from several hundred to several thousand. The XP Cargo gives you big bang for your buck! Low to mid-range with tons of added features and great reviews! You can’t beat it. Be sure to check out the Watseka Sports Model which is currently available. 

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