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Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle Review

bike text image 2When I first learned that hybrid powered electric bikes had been made, were available for purchase and the prices were affordable… needless to say, I was EXCITED!

If you’re like me, I loved riding bikes as a child. It was not only fun but for many, it was our first mode of transportation. It gave us freedom to get around! We could ride for hours. But as we age and start driving, the bike gets lost and so does the memories. read more

All About Electric Bikes

Watseka XP Cargo Electric Bike For Sale

If you haven’t jumped on the electric bike craze, here’s your chance! So, what’s an electric bike? Basically, an electric bikes allows you the functionality of a regular bike with the aided functions of an integrated motor  for propulsion making it easier to ride. Electric bikes are great for urban areas, commuter campuses and for bicycle lovers alike especially those who have trouble pedaling due to age or ability. It allows you to continue to take leisurely and robust bike rides without the stress and strain of manual pedaling. read more