Top Gift Pick for Around $100

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Good gifts don’t have to take a lot of money to be amazing! When I give a gift I prefer gifts that are unique and that standout and these choices fit both those criteria. My number 1 choice for me are These Garwood watches. OMG! These watches are so well made, stylish and worth every penny! If I had a boyfriend or husband (looking btw ;)) I would not hesitate to give this as a gift.

ZLYC Unisex Minimalist Bamboo Japanese Quartz Wood Dial Genuine Leather Band Wrist Wrap Watch

They make great gifts for dads, uncles or brothers. For the ladies… I saw this beautiful minimalist wood leather wrap watch from Amazon that styles perfectly with the Garwood male watch. This could be a cool couple set as an anniversary gift or wedding gift.

Gorgeous Leather Wedge Shoe for Women

Now the gift-getter is a woman who loves shoes… quality and style is of the utmost importance. Also classic never goes out of style. These leather wedge sandals are the perfect fit. They would make a great addition to any girls wardrobe and Italist has a great return policy too so don’t fret. I find shoes easier to give than clothes as women’s sizes can be tricky from retailer to retailer but shoe sizes are typically uniform. If your girl is a bit more dramatic… Italist has something for her too. Just check them out!