Top Gift Pick for Anniversaries

Anniversaries… a very important day for people whether it’s a wedding anniversary, dating milestone or career high- these days should be marked with a special keepsake. This gift suggestion may be somewhat uninspired but I think the classics are classics because they hold true. Picture frames have gotten a lot more graphic and cool-looking and I saw this one on amazon and its a top choice for a god reason.

Its very graphic, looks nice in homes and allow people to put their favorite photos in them making a unique collage to remember the anniversary by. It’s a lovely item. Amazon had lots of styles if this one doesn’t meet your fancy.
Picture frame choices are endless; styles, colors, designs, materials, sizes, shapes- you can find almost anything you like. The true story never ends frame is of my favorites and its a top seller on Amazon too.



This next gift is pretty cool, highly personalized and delicious! Calling all chocolate lovers!!! Calling all Oreo lovers??? Who doesn’t love oreos? Who wouldn’t love chocolate dipped oreos in romantic colors and special gift box. Yummy!

If oreos aren’t your thing… how about an “I Love You” cookie shaped in a heart and dipped in luscious frosting with a romantic decoration? Large enough for 2 to share. If you want something with some more personalization… How about the wedding cookie bouquet with a happy anniversary message written on it? Delicious shortbread cookie beautiful decorated for your special someone.

EdibleGifts has some of the best edible personalize-able gifts around. Do yourself a favor and peruse their site and see what other cool items they offer for different occasions; personal and corporate. You may just buy yourself a gift!