Top Gift Pick for around $25

Superhero Bra and Panty Set

Humor is very important to me! I laugh all the time. people think I’m goofy, but i don’t care. Gifts can be useful but they also be fun and this review is all about fun. Researchers say babies laugh 300 times a day and adults about 20. Let’s laugh more people!

My choice for gifts around $25 is fun novelty sets. I remember having under-roos as a kid. Who also remembers that? I know I am aging myself with that confession but why stop wearing under-roos just because you’re older? haha here are 2 cute sets for woman that will make you feel like a kid again. Enjoy!

Novelty Nerd and Bowtie T-shirts

I didn’t forget about the guys. Nerds are hot now. so embrace your inner nerd and show your humorous side with this cool nerd bow-tie tee. Or you can dress up fancy with this cool retro sky blue tux t-shirt. Dress up any occasion; backyard bbq, company picnic, or best friends wedding reception and no one will be the wiser. 😉

2-piece Novelty SuperHero Apron Set

For couples… let your inner superhero out and get matching his and hers superman and wonder woman apron set. 1. The set is super affordable. 2. They are super cute and 3. Why not? This would be a great gift for couples or yourself. Let your inner superhero fly free!