Best of Experiences Top Gift Pick

Experiences make the best gifts

Do you have a loved one with a need for speed? How about a muscle car experience? They get to have an adrenaline rush on a race track or an obstacle course in a find muscle car going fast… as fast as they can handle it.

I’ve never been a speed demon but I have a few people who would love this experience. You can take pictures with the car, in the car, video of yourself racing around the track and maybe even meet some race car drivers. Good day all-in-all.

The price is affordable but its not available in every city so be sure to check Groupon for local deals or if you are traveling to a city hat offers this cool experience… this could be the highlight of your trip. Add this excursion and make it super memorable!



Big Book of Bucket List things to do

Call me crazy but as an avid book reader… I am also an avid book giver! I love giving books as gifts but since we are talking experiences… how about a book that list cool items to put on your bucket list.

If you are stumped for ideas.. here’s a big book of suggestions and you can start checking things off the list and living a life of adventure. What’s better that to have stories to share in your golden years of all the cool stuff you did.

Don’t wait! Life is waiting for you now. Grab hold and seize the day! This book can get your thinking about what cool things you should add to your bucket list. I have tons of trips I want to take but my list is pretty tame… I might just order this book myself and get more adventurous. Life is for the living right? 🙂