Top Gift Picks for Bedroom

Buying someone a gift for their bedroom may seem odd so it is relegated to just the really special people in your life (partners, BFF’s, roommates, kids/teens, parents) so this one is really special. Duvet covers! Hand crafted, light-weight and machine washable. This gift is a home run. No more mass produced boring bed covers. Choose a cool crazy that matches your crazy personality!

Use your current comforter or buy a generic single color insert and this cover will fit over it making it ideal for anybody. Nothing special or extra is needed. I love this design but if you don’t, no fear… Society6 features thousands of designs made by artists of all kind. I am sure you can find something to your liking! The idea of a duvet cover, accept pillow and a shower curtain could be really cool. All you need now is a cool, unique design choice so be sure to look through their catalog of images.

You don’t just have to get a duvet cover… although I do highly recommend it… they have other products you are design like travel mugs, framed art, iPhone cases, tank tops and laptop sleeves



Night lights have come a long way since i was a kid. These galaxy light up constellation projects are super popular and for good reason- they are amazing! Projecting moons and stars onto the ceiling in bright relaxing colors creating a ambiance especially for sleep. Off to a gentle lala land you go.

This options spins and changes colors but sadly with no automatic shut off so my advice is to buy a timer that way you don’t have to worry about it being all all night. The cord is short so make sure to have a safe extension cord so you can place the stand in the ideal location. Also, it is powered by batteries of a USB so get a plug converter to plug it into the wall or extension cord and possibly a timer for automatic shutoff.

This gift is sure to delight young and old. This beats my old mickey mouse nightlight my a mile. I would have loved one of these when I were a child or when my son was younger or even now. i am a big kid at heart so it could make a great self-reward for working out everyday and eating healthy. I can go to bed smiling, looking up at the stars while I doze off to dream land. I bet your dreams are even more pleasant with this thing!