Top Gift Picks for Business

What do you get your boss? I admit it, this is a tough question. It depends on your boss and your relationship. What do you get co-workers? Also another tough question. What do you get a client or customer? Stop asking me tough questions! hahaha

Okay, for some answers. It depends. With this section, I will highlight cool products that may NOT work for every boss/co-worker/client or every occasion so make sure to tailor the gift to the person.

What I will do is share cool products that could work if the topic is something your “person” is in to. Here I am highlighting true craftsmanship from Bourbon and Boots with an amazing wood steampunk-inspired pen, a beautiful crafted deer  antler pen  and a really cool magnetic floating globe (from Amazon). If your boss (or other) is a craftsman or is into antique looking items or is a world traveler or into hunting deer or likes the latest electronics and have a cool office setup where the globe may fit in… these 2 gifts can be great.

Don’t miss this point because this is important… match the gift to the person and their interest. All gifts do not go to all people!

Case in point: no matter how beautiful the deer pen is, if your boss abhors hunting or is a tree-hugger, the deer pen would be a horrible gift choice. Choose wisely! I will have lots of advice and gift options in this section just remember… not all gifts go with all people.