Top Gift Picks For Kids

After you CLICK the “check it out” button, Be sure to select “Plush” on the left side menu to see the bear! Teddy bears will always be a safe and popular choice for little kids (and big kids alike). My son has a stuffed duck that he absolutely adored. So why did i put a stuffed animal on my top pick list? Because this singing, licking, animated stuffed bear is so amazing… I want one. I am a big kid at heart and a bit nostalgic. This bear just kinda warms your heart!

You just have to see this bear in action to realize just how cool it is and why it would make a great gift. Click here for the video! Animated bears are nothing new… Peek-a-Boo Elmo, new twerking dancing panda and the Elsa doll but this bear to me takes the cake and will delight your little one.

The song will bring back memories for the grandparents, the dancing bear animated movements are in sync with the tune and the the kids (and you) will be dancing along have a grand old time.



Now is the time for a cool summer activity with the kids. hands on, TV off and connect with them in a meaningful way while learning and having fun. Green Kid Crafts have these cool discovery boxes available on various topics that will delight the fancy of any kid.

Ocean Science Discovery Box: Its one of my favorites as Ocean animals have always fascinated me. If I could choose my career all over again, I would become a marine animal biologist /researcher. I feel like I am a fish with feet and if your young one is fascinated by the sea and all its lovely colors and inhabitants… this box is the one for you.

One box has 6 different projects and includes a full-size wall map. They are fun and engaging from children 3-10 and only contains natural, sustainable materials and you can feel good about purchasing these discovery boxes because each purchase benefits environmental non-profits. Fun, educational and helping the planet. Choose the topic your lil one most identifies with or subscribe and get a new box delivered every month for a low price. the time together and the project made with your little one. I loved doing crafts with my son when he was small and you can’t go wrong with Green Kids Crafts!