Top Gift Picks for Men

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. It has been enjoyed by fathers and children for decades and its popularity doesn;t seem to be going anywhere. If you dad is a sports fan, baseball in particular like mine this record-a-ball baseball talking display is a must-have.

Not only is the display case beautiful but you can record anything you want. Find an audio online of the fans cheering during a home run or the announcer announcing the winner of the game or a sweet message from the grandkids about how great the day at the ballpark with granddad. The ideas are endless.

I would record a thank you message to dad about the many memories we shared together watching the games. What’s great also is the message is re-recordable so if dad wants to give his collection to someone else, he can record a message to them. The display can also hold a hockey puck, so all you hockey fans… jump on this too. Ball (or puck) not included. If you need a ball, check out the site as well, they sell cool signed memorabilia too.



I didn’t forget about the football fans. I know football season is in the fall so I want to make sure you have plenty of time to get your dad (partner, uncle, brother) a special treat. A personalized sugar cookie game day gift box. Now this is also a great gift for all the youth football coaches as well. You can give just footballs for the team, especially for their first win or at their banquet. The kids flip for them too!

Festive parties is what summer is all about and what’s more festive than cookies. Fresh made, decorated and delicious! Only NFL teams can be personalized so if your guy has a special team or a special rivalry, you can specifiy a 2nd team.

I know we have lots of lady football fanatics. This gift is unisex and will be appreciated by all. I know I will be serving these at my Superbowl party 2017 and maybe for the annual Bengals vs Browns annual rivalry game. #GoBengals!



Its Grilling season and so wake your taste buds up with a set of Handcrafted FreshJax Gourmet 5 Spice pack. I mean grilling is all about the flavor and this spice pack delivers. I just learned to grill a few years ago and i just used what I had in my spice rack, it was good but man… when I started really mixing flavors and searching online for spice combos… my grill game needed to be elevated!

This pack takes the guess work out of spice mixing and you get variety. Chicken, ribs, turkey, steak, burgers, pork, fish, seafood, corn, potatoes, veggies… FreshJax spice pack has it all for all your food choices. Healthy never tasted so good.

1. Spices are good for you! Ups your taste buds and lowers sodium content. 2. Makes everything taste better baby! 3. A little goes a long way. Almost all of the spices are organic and trust me, you will use these for your everyday cooking!