Top Gift Picks for New Graduates

What a special day! Your loved worked very hard, studied late nights, toiled away writing papers, doing research, giving presentations, reading large books and they finally earned their diploma/degree. What a great day!

You will probably have a party and at the party why not surprise the new grad with a cool edible gift and keepsake. You can get a college tin stuffed with white chocolate covered oreos decorated with their college (or high school) logo or special message.

They are so good! But they also get a a cool decorated treat with colored candy sprinkles and everything. The cookies won’t last but the memories will and they can use the tin for storage or as a memory box for all their school memories for years to come.



I think any gift you can get personalized with etching, monogramming, or any kind of personalization is a great one-of-a-kind options and MonogramOnline has some of the best products in the business as good prices and exceptional quality.

I couldn’t pick just one… I will be doing longer reviews and recommendation of individual products but for now… just look at all the things they have under their graduation section… things from notebooks, jewelry and office decor.

If your loved one is graduating college and getting their first real job… how about a beautiful desk organizer with their name on it? Or maybe they are job hunting… why not a beautiful leather bound monogrammed portfolio… very professional looking! They can use it for years. You can’t go wrong here. Trust me… who doesn’t like stuff with their name on it. 🙂