Top Gift Picks for Teens

Personalized Photo Necklace Gift Ideas

Is your teen hard to shop for? My son is. Leave it to him all he wants is cash! LOL But gift giving for teens doesn’t have to be super difficult if you pay attention to their style, social media and what they’re into. Fun jewelry is always a safe option especially if it can be tailored to the teen and is not sme generic piece with no cool factor behind it. That’s where my hand crafted photo dome neclace comes in. each necklace is one of a kind. You can choose an image from my photo gallery or you can supply your own pic.

Almost any pic will work from a baby photo, favorite album cover, super hero logo, or childhood animated fav (Winnie the Pooh or Frozen) or an inspirational quote. I wear my OM symbol necklace almost daily. I get tons of inquiries and compliments on it every time I wear it and so will your teen. All her friends will want one too.

The necklace comes with a silver-plated bead chain and a black rope chain. I size them and arrange them myself and I send you the proof for approval. The dome makes the image appear larger like a magnifying glass so don’t worry, its not as small it it looks. its a beautiful and fun standout costume jewelry piece and is very affordable. Able to worn daily.



Custom Name Plate Belt Buckle

Is is almost impossible to get teens to wear a belt… not any more. Customize their buckle and they will wear a belt without any prompting! These belts are customizable; names, words, titles… its your choice. Up to 8 characters… sorry if your name has 12 characters! haha Try a nickname or a cool title like BossLady or KingKong.

They are very affordable so your teen will probably want more than one after they receive the gift. Also, they are unisex so they work for boys and girls. lastly and this is a biggie… it comes with a free leather belt in a choice of your size!

My son is 19 and he loves his. His friends have also bought them as well. They are cool and stylish and personalized which is what teens today like… to standout… that’s why social media and selfies are so popular. Do yourself a favor and get this gift. It’s a winner!



FujiFilm Instant Camera

I am at the age now where the things I grew up with is now considered old-school. haha Oh well, that;s life so who among my readers remembers polaroid cameras and how cool they were. πŸ™‚ Well, this is a new updated super cool version of the polaraid and kids and adults alike are flipping over it. The FugiFilm InstaMax mini8 camera (by itself, or an accessory kit).

This is like the hot new thing. It comes in many colors (blue, pink, purple, white, yellow, black, red…) Whether you get it with the accessory kit or not, you can’t go wrong (unless you forget to buy the film, so don’t forget the film!) πŸ™‚

Who doesn’t like to take pictures? With the advent of digital cameras people share them electronically and print photos can been not as popular. This cameras is making sharing pics in real life cool again. The reviews on this thing is crazy and the accessory kit is totally worth it if your teen likes filters, frames and selfies. Sharing memories with friends like we did with our polaroid has never been easier. The truth is you will find yourself sneaking using this camera when your teen isn’t using it. LOL