Top Gift Picks for All Things Decor

After you CLICK the “check it out” button, Be sure to search for “Rainbow Lava Lamp” at the top of the page to see the lamp! Welcome back to the 70’s man! Lava lamps are cool again and this rainbow one has the mega cool factor! So if you got a colorful, funky room decor… this is a must have. If you’re looking to decorate with wild colors and psychedelic vibe… this is a must have. College kids need apply! It’s cool dude!

I had a lava lamp a few years ago. My pre-teen son wanted one and it was cool. It gave off soft light like a night light which was nice. The lava flowing was relating to watch and entertaining. How easy am I to entertain?

This lamp is sure to get questions like “Where did you get that from?” and you can answer Betty’s Attic “Where memories of Yesterday live on Today”. Now if the rainbow isn’t your color scheme or if you’re a Beatles fan you’re in luck… 2 choices: Yellow submarine and Help (be sure to use the search feature on Betty’s Attic to find them). The choices may not be great but Amazon also has BIG array of lava lamp choices in colors, styles and designs. Two of my favorites are the paintball and the frosted glitter. I’m kinda a girly girl so my style may not match everyone’s ascetic but there are multiple choices for all the lava lamp lovers out there.



So now you style and scent has been combined in a beautiful oil diffuser that is great addition for any decor. The Essential oil diffuser Eveltek wood grain cool mist will make your home more inviting. The options on this thing is crazy too. color changing, light and mist, humidifier, air cleaning capabilities, auto-shut off. This thing does everything but make you dinner.

This is a great gift. Its so great you will want one for yourself. It helps you sleep, great scent to help keep mood positive, feel relaxed, cleaner air and very pretty to look at. It may seem small when you get it, but don’t be deceived… this little thing packs a big punch. Give it a try, give one as a gift and get one for yourself. That’s what I did and I couldn’t be happier!

If the wood grain finish doesn’t fit your fancy, Amazon offers many other options and styles. Be sure to read the reviews so you can get the best one for your home.