Top Gift Picks On My Wishlist

Real Lux Cowhide Rug and Pillow

This is dream inspired. Most people won’t be able to afford much on this list, but its nice to dream and if you’re lucky enough to splurge on some of these wishes… this list is for you. Everything on this list won’t be unattainable like 60 foot yachts and $50,000 vacations- some will just be pricey but decadent or exotic.

I chose 2 items for the house. 1. Brazilian Cowhide rug and pillow set in either brown or black and boy, are these beautiful and soft. Oh… so lux! It’ll make your home look and feel like it’s in one of those fancy magazine photo shoots. This is real (not faux) cowhide. They are sole separately but you must do yourself a favor and if you splurge on the rug, get a pillow (or two). You won’t be disappointed.



Ring Wifi Enabled Doorbell from Kickstarter

The 2nd item is a new item that was funded through crowdsourcing and now its on the market. RING: wifi enabled doorbell with video and audio capabilities. I love it when cool products are able to get the funding it needs and finally comes to market. This is cool for so many reasons!

My only caveat is to read the reviews. Many are good but this is a new product and some details are required so…. 1. the doorbell is fine but for all the features to work you must order the monthly cloud storage which costs $3 a month.* 2. I suggest you get the wifi range extender so your connection is clearer and more stable, especially in big house or multiple floors or just to strengthen a weak signal. The reviews are pretty good but there are some complaints. I think with some due diligence on your part… this could be a great item for your family and your friends and loved ones. I think this makes a great gift for everyone. I would suggest you stay away from Chinese knockoffs. This product is very new, so knockoffs can’t be that great yet. Stick with ring or go through a reputable home security company for a doorbell with these capabilities.