Top Gift Pick for Romance

Has you love life started to fizzle? Would you like to breathe new life into it? Has “life” started to take over and you can’t seem to have enough time for romance? It happened to me and to many other loving couples… the good news is… it’s fixable.

You just need some creative planning, a commitment and a sacrifice to unplug and reconnect to each other. Amazon makes it easy, simple and affordable to get everything you need for a romantic time you won’t soon forget. I recommend getting a hotel room, even a cheap room at a major hotel chain. Find great deals at Groupon. If you can afford to get away for 2 nights… I think that would be ideal. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it works better away or if money is really tight stay home just clean the room, fresh sheets and special ambiance.

What you will need is a romantic space, wine (or other romantic beverage), soft music and quiet! Connecting isn’t just about sex, its about intimacy so use this time to remember what you love about your partner and to have fun. Think rose petals, tea lights (for mood), a fun Hot Affair Romance game, and a gift. I think this Swarovsky pendant: I Love You to the Moon and Back is ideal (and affordable). Trust me, if you do this… love will most definitely be in the air. Good Luck!