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Weddings!!! ah ♥ Who doesn’t love L-O-V-E? So you’ve been invited to a wedding and you start thinking about what to get the happy couple.

Many times the couple may register with a gift registry or they may ask for a cash donation (which is becoming a more popular choice today) but sometimes you want to give something with a more personal touch. That’s where Great-Gift-Guide comes in.

Quick Tip:
Many couples have a registry, so check out the registry and look for similar items that are fun and creative (ONLY if that matches their personality).

So you have questions. Do you give the couple a some glasses or a new photo frame? Or do you just go the easy route and hand the bride and groom some cold hard cash? But what if you want your present to feel a bit more personal… what do you do then?

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You will likely be faced with these conundrums more than once during the wedding season. Fortunately, I’ve done all the hard work for you. I look at everything and give advice on ideas you may not have even thought of. From a:

  • membership to a local venue (zoo, museum, aquarium, wine club)
  • a lux experience like couples spa, massage or getaway
  • tickets to a music concert or festival

These original, out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas will make you stand out from the crowd.

Maybe you’re think you should go more traditional or that you don’t have that kinda cash to blow on an expensive gift. Can you still give a memorable yet useful gift? Absolutely! There are tons of ways, how about a:

  • personalized wedding gift
  • keepsakes to create lasting memories
  • useful items for the home

I will be sharing the best tips and advice for wedding gifts, favors, keepsakes and reviews.My Top Picks are below for easy viewing but I also have lots of tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice all over the site which I try to update regularly for your convenience.

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for the Happy Couple.
⇓ Click on the link below to see.

→ Top Gift Pick for the Happy Couple

If you enjoy Pinterest: Be sure to follow me. Some of my favorite boards are:

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I have  a very special Christmas Gift Ideas List Pinterest Board. I made it for the 2016 Holiday gift-giving season. I’ve been updating it all year so by Christmas it will showcase the best gifts ideas for the season. A Great-Gift-Guide Holiday Guide will also be released, I will share more details about that a little later on in the year.

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