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wishlist-expensive-fedexAnybody else ever have this problem? I know I’m not alone… so what are us cheapskates left to do?

1. We can enjoy the gift ourselves or we can make sure when we buy a gift for someone that we do direct shipping. LOL

2. Also, send the gift already… stop being cheap and lazy! 🙂


From the totally extravagant, unnecessary, luxurious and those wildest dreams come here to be showcased. Some are within reach and others may not be (yet) but shouldn’t you have a goal to reach for one day. Whats a consumer economy without a little consumerism.

I am showcasing many gifts where money is no object. Can’t help a sista for dreamin’!

No specific occasion necessary, it fun to browse, window shop and daydream…. Not everything is 250 ft yacht. Many of these items, with carefully planning can absolutely be yours!

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For More Info:
Click here for: Info on Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Click here for: Info on Framed & Signed TIGER WOODS Flag Pin
Click here for: Info Pancake Printer ROBOT! Yea
Click here for: Inflatable FUN Life-Like Animals

This isn’t just my wishlist and I desired to add a little something on it for everyone. Be sure to leave a comment on what would be on your wishlist.

Want to give someone a gift of a lifetime or splurge on yourself… look no further- I will be sharing some of the coolest finds around. See below for my top tips. Also check back often as I will be adding new things to the site all the time like more tips, ideas, reviews, suggestions and advice!

⇓ These are my Top Gift Picks for Wishlist.
⇓ Click on the links below to see.

→ Top 2 Gift Pick for $$$ Wishlist

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Christmas is just around the corner and I have been curating a special Christmas Ideas Pinterest Board for the best unique Xmas gifts for 2016. I’ve updated it all year and will continue to do so, so by Christmas it will showcase the best finds of the year. I will also be releasing a Holiday Gift Guide. More details to come on that later.


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